Cheetoh: The aMEOWsing new cat breed

So most people know about the wild Cheetah, but let me introduce you to the Cheetoh.  This is a hybrid breed that has wild blood descending from the Asian Leopard Cat.  A Bengal and Occicat create the Cheetoh.  This produces a very docile cat with wild markings (rosettes, spots and stripes).  Docile meaning it is gentle, loving, playful and domestic.  Cheetohs are known as slightly active as well as known for their large size.  Male cats can grow to 23 lbs and 15lbs for their female counterparts.  They can have many different color combinations including the more popular brown/tan that most closely resembles a cheetah and silver/gray which i find to be quite striking and exotic.

These beautiful creatures appear like the supermodels of cats – extremely long and lean.  They are athletic, muscular and have the wild low-shouldered walk of the occicat not found in other domestic cats.  One of the most amazing features of this spectacular breed is their coat.  It is short, thick and velvety to the touch much like a jungle cat.  Another bonus is since they don’t produce much or any dander, they are considered to be hypoallergenic.

These cats absolutely need meat in their diet! I’ll be doing a separate post all about their diet coming up so stay tuned.

Cheetohs are also great family cat as long as you have the time and energy to accommodate their demands for attention.  They do enjoy their nap time and get into the silliest of positions while doing so.  I am expecting to laugh alot with my Cheetoh and so I know he will make the purrfect addition to our family.

Check out this great video done by Animal Planet.  Cats 101: Cheetoh  The Cheetoh featured in this video is from the founder of the breed, which is where I am getting my little guy from.



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