Simple DIY Wildflower Mason Jar

What could be more bountiful and beautiful than summer in San Diego, CA? I am so lucky to live here and be surrounded by such majesty.  My backyard is pretty wild looking and wildflowers are blooming everywhere.  I don’t know what these are called but they just started blooming.  They are the tiniest pink flowers on little vines and are way to pretty to be hidden below all this brush.


Please don’t judge me for this mess.  I know i have some dead grass and things need to be cleaned up a bit.

My piece of furniture which is my pride and joy is my Pottery Barn dining table.  Right now i have the leaves on and it seats 10 people (not that I ever have that many people in my house other than Thanksgiving).  I am always changing up the decor on top and have lately loved the cheapest things.  I have seashells and rocks i found, candles, a lavender plant and coasters made from wine corks.  I decided to add these loose bunches of flowers and it really fills the space.


Looking at this now makes me want to add a runner again.  I go back and forth on if I should use one or not.  To be minimal or to be extravagant is always the great question.  I have an old roll of burlap that I used for awhile but the more stuff you have, the more you have to clean! Ugh.


These flowers won’t last very long but that is of little concern when I have a literal hill of it.  Have to display these while they are blooming.  This is also something great you can do for special occasions and you could always give the displays away as a parting gift to your guests.


I had honeysuckle blooming earlier this year which is actually my favorite flower to display because of their magnificent smell.  The more casually you throw this together with perhaps some succulent clippings, the better this looks.  I don’t bother with adding lace ribbon or anything extra.  I find it can look like it’s trying too hard that way or like your grandma’s house.

You can achieve this look easily with whatever wildflowers grow in your area.  Take a walk outside, smell the fresh air and take some clippings with you.

Frugal Fran strikes again 🙂 You don’t know what a thrill I get from these little to no money required DIYs.


So 12 days later, these flowers are doing great! They are actually growing up to new heights.  I replace the water every few days and that’s all they need.  I may put lots more of these around the house since they do so well inside.

Here they are looking gorgeous.




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