Fruit Flies? No more with Venus Fly Traps

One thing I learned in my first full summer here in San Diego is that fruit flies are a serious thing.  We have a season for flies??? I guess that makes sense given that all the plants are thriving right now.  I used to leave my bananas out on the counter and the darned things would attack them which would cause them to start juicing all over the place.  Super gross ew, so it was time to rid my house of these beasts.  There were so many that I actually started thinking of the kids in the Save The Children commercials where flies are always attached to them.  How horrible!

I read another safe and organic way to rid your home of flies was to place a cup out of apple cider vinegar.  My husband hates the smell and he said he prefers flies to that strong odor.  I had to think of another option.


So I went to Home Depot hoping to find some massive Venus Fly traps, but all i found were these wimpy little guys.  They do have many traps on each plant luckily.  I bought two at $4.99 a pop placing one on each side of my sink (the flies popular hangout).  I don’t even let the dishes pile up and I run my disposal so I’m not sure why they have chosen that as their homeland.  I am also really good at wiping up crumbs and such so this San Diego fly thing has really confused me.  I used to associate flies with dirty homes and blame the owners for not cleaning their place.  Now I know better.

download (1)

Ok so today is only 3 days after my purchase and I am so shocked that they actually work!  I have still seen a few flies buzzing around other parts of my house, but this morning in my kitchen there were none.  Amazing! You can see in the pictures that this plant is doing its job with several closed traps.


Venus Fly Traps are carnivorous plants that will close when the fingers on the leaves are activated at least twice.  This prevents the plant from wasting time and energy on objects with no nutritional value.  If it stimulates the leaves at least twice, it may be moving which means it might have tasty legs to eat.  Once the leaves are closed it creates a stomach type of environment and will begin digesting the insect or arachnid by enzymes which are released.  It is the most fascinating plant in my personal opinion.


These plants are pretty easy to take care of.  They prefer moist soil and sunlight.  Since they are right by my sink, it is super convenient to give them a dash of water everyday.  I can’t wait for them to grow and take care of ALL the insects in the house.

Be sure that any plants you place in the house are pet friendly if you have pets.  That should go without saying, but I haven’t mentioned it before and thought it was time I added that note.

download (2)



  1. I though these would be cool to have in Africa. But i remember that these plants either grow really slow or are hard get seeds for.


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