Update Old Jewelry Armoire DIY

I was gifted this jewelry armoire by my parents on probably my 8th birthday.  It is complete quality and holds alot of nostalgia.  Unfortunately, this piece is very outdated and has a few scratches from over the years.  As I could not bear to part with the piece, I decided to give it a glamorous makeover.


The cheapest and best way to transform almost anything is paint.  I simply sandpapered and dusted the armoire, then used a can of silver metallic spray paint.  You should probably use a sealant afterwards to protect from future damage.  I have not yet done this step and will after I pick up some polyurethane.

I love old Hollywood and the feeling of complete glamour in a bedroom,  That is where you get ready after all and should be surrounded by elegance to inspire you to leave with a polished look.

Z Gallerie is one of my favorite furniture stores and excels at this type of look.  They have mirrored everything and ultra feminine touches.   I decided to add personal feminine touches of my own.


I have displayed my wedding shoes, vases with dried flowers from my wedding, a necklace holder from Ross for less than $10, and a decorative box with buttons inside.  I save all the extra buttons from new clothes and keep them handy in a beautiful stash.  I love that I can display keepsakes from my wedding.  It adds just a touch of romance.


If the silver look is a little too much, you could give it a distressed french country vibe with chalk paint and wax finish.  I may redo this in just that manner in a few years.



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