DIY Console or Entryway Table

So what exactly inspired this DIY? I went shopping for a table to use in my entryway and it was really hard to find one long enough for my space.  I wanted one that was about 5 feet wide.  The only ones I fell in love with were from Resoration Hardware and had a price tag of $995-$1046 for the non member price!!! Gasp!!!


I knew it would be impossible to find such gorgeous wooden balasturs and perfectly finished wood so I had to improvise.

I went to Home Depot and purchased a 2X12 and asked them to cut it down for me.  They are always accommodating if you already know the cut measurements.   I had them cut it to two 5 foot pieces and two 1 foot pieces.  I also purchased some gray paint and clear polyurethane for a top coat.

Then I hopped on over to Hobby Lobby and found their faux column section.  None of them were in the traditional baluster form so I chose ones with the most hourglass shape.


I then sanded down the wood, applied 2 coats of gray paint and 1 coat of polyurethane to all pieces.  I used the 2 small sqaures as feet and simply placed all the items as pictured.  If you wanted something more solid you could glue the pieces together, but I like the ease of being able to take it apart and move it easily.  I have moved so many times that I really value portability.


Next I thought about how I could decorate the top and surrounding wall.  I originally found some sconces, candelabra and a mirror from Goodwill that I spray painted silver. All of those pieces only cost me $15 and the materials for the table cost all together about  $80.  Not bad compared to Restoration Hardwares whopping 1,000 dollar price tag.  This entire project with accessories cost under $100!!

This project is an oldie but a goodie, so I wanted to feature it here on Poohcaterry.  However, I do find this look a little Cinderella and a little too gray.  I am still debating on which colors to use to repaint the decor.  I was thinking of doing maybe a distressed white chalk paint look with a vintage vibe using dark wax.  If you have any great ideas, please leave them in the comments below.  The beauty of paint is it is a cost effective instant update to almost anything.

These pictures were taken from my house in Las Vegas.  Since we now live in San Diego, below is the current setup.


Thanks for taking a look at my simple DIY Console Table Project 🙂



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