What to feed a hybrid cat?

Bengals, Savannahs, Cheetohs and any other hybrid cat with wild blood has different nutritional needs than your average house cat.  They absolutely need meat and wet food because they are strictly carnivores.  Actually all cats deserve to eat meat as they were designed to, but it is not very cheap and can be a little labor intensive for the owners.  It may be much easier to grab a scoop of premade kibble but the consequences can be deadly.   There is a fantastic documentary on Netflix called “Pet Fooled” that is all about the truth of pet food.

Basically when the pet food industry came out with kibble, pets have been getting sicker and contracting way more diseases.  Just as humans have been getting more cancer from things including diet and environment, so are our furry friends.  Therefore if you want your kitty to live longer and avoid expensive vet bills, then you should invest in quality real food.  I learned this very sad lesson with my last cat Meowser.  I had been feeding him cheap kibble food his entire life and he eventually had a severe UTI blockage that could not be removed.  He was going into sepsis and we had to make the very difficult decision to euthanize our beloved cat.  The vet mentioned that diet is the number one contributor and most likely is what killed our Meowser.  After that I had extreme guilt and regretted not feeding him properly.  It was so sad that you place your trust in companies to help the health of your pet, and quite the opposite results.

So lets get to the good stuff.  This is straight from Romeow’s breeder and creator of the Cheetoh:cheetoh food These are the supplements and some red meat from the local Sprout’s market.  I like Sprout’s for the quality of the meat.  It has no hormones or antibiotics.  I am looking into ordering my meat from My Pet Carnivore.  You can get 1lb of ground beef with the meat, organs and bones ground together for $4.55.  Some cats can be picky and prefer the chunks instead so it is really up to your cat’s taste.


NuVet Plus Feline is a supplement containing  antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs and more.  It comes with a large scooper but you only need to add about 1/8 teaspoon of the powder once a day.  Since it has a very strong taste and can overpower the food, using a smaller amount ensures your cat will actually eat their food.

Lysine is essential to prevent and treat herpesvirus infections in cats.  Most cats are exposed to this at some point in their 9 lives and come down with cold like symptoms.  Once contracted, this virus can keep popping up.  So to avoid the sniffles, eye and skin problems and upper respiratory issues, then just add 1/8 tsp of the powder each day to their food.

Ground up non-acidic Vitamin C is also beneficial for your feline companion.  It can prevent urinary tract infections as well as kidney disorders.  This hits home as my Meowser could have used some vitamin C in his diet.


I have learned to make sure the chunks are pretty small otherwise Romeow will make a mess.  He won’t eat over his bowl and needs a lesson in dining etiquette.  Also I have experimented with cooked and raw red meat.  At first he would only eat cooked, but I have him now eating raw which is way easier for me 🙂


Bon Appetit!



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