Victoria’s Top 10 Cat Toys on Amazon September 2017

If you love your little feline like I do, then you are always looking for new ways to spoil your furry friend.  Amazon’s selection is enormous, which can be daunting to look through, but have no fear because I have done the searching for you.

Take a look at my latest picks for Septmeber 2017:

1.  The Natural Pet Company Cat Toys Collection in Gift Box


This is made of natural materials and is completely safe for your kitty.  The traditional manual play of these toys will encourage bonding and ensure your pet will get lots of play time.

cat toy string natural

2.  Trixie Pet Product

$23.99 Plus Free Shipping

This may look a little funny, but your cat will be sure to be challenged with this one.  It has 5 possible games to place treats or cat food inside.  Be prepared for your cat’s wild instincts to appear while he is in full hunting mode.


3.  MushroomCat Cat Face Ultimate Scratcher Lounge Bed

$39.99 and Free Shipping

This is perhaps the cutest lounge cat scratcher I have ever seen.  Typically I find scratchers unattractive, but this sweet little face and ears make it appealing to proudly display anywhere in the house.  It is made of corrugated cardboard but plenty durable for lots of play for up to 2 cats.

cat face lounge scratcher

4.  100% Organic cat grass kit/pet grass kit with cat grass planter.

$16.97 plus Free Shipping

Here is an adorable planter to grow your own organic cat grass.  Natural hairball control and hairball remedy for cats. Natural digestive aid. Includes planter, Organic seed mix and organic soil.

cat grass planter

5.  Cat Wheel by One Fast Cat

$204 plus Free Shipping

If you have a hybrid cat or a super active cat, then an exercise wheel is a great toy.  They require a little bit of training and getting used to but are amazing for their cardio.  Your house will probably be in much less disarray as well with your cat taking out it’s energy simply by running.  Anything that can encourage them to return to their true wild cat nature is a must in my book.

one fast cat exercise wheel

6.  Cat Tunnel 3 W Leopard Crinkle Kitten Play Toy, Collapsible for Small Medium and Large Cats

$18.74 plus Free Shipping

I chose this crinkly and collapsible tunnel toy because it has 4 entrances/exits and is super cute in a leopard print.  It has dangling toys at the openings and in the middle for added amusement.  Your cat’s fur will not stick to the material and it is also great for multiple cats.

leopard cat tunnel

7.  Vesper Cat Furniture

$84.99 plus Free Shipping

This is a very elegant cat tree that will stay looking nice for years and at an affordable price.  It has removable memory foam areas that can be washed easily and keeping your tree looking fresh.  Fully carpeted trees seem almost impossible to clean after a few years so they don’t last forever.  The design is gorgeous and there are several different models to chose from.

cat tree wood

8.  CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Cat Playplace – Cat Hammock & Climbing Activity Center – Handcrafted Wall-mounted Cat Tree Shelves

$179.54 plus Free Shipping

This combination provides a safe space, climbing outlet, behavioral solution, elevated dining, activity promoting, mentally stimulating and is space saving.  Let your feline rule the house from atop this wall attaching perch.

cat wall maze and perch

9.  Luxury Pompon Pet Teepee House – 28 Inch Beige Elegant Cat Dog Puppy Snuggle Canvas Tent Bed Furniture By Wonder Space

$35.99 plus Free Shipping

This machine washable teepee is the absolute cutest pet bed out there! Let your kitty sleep in style in this Pinterest worthy find. This is also quite large so you can fit all your furry friends in or stash some toys inside as a play pen.

cat teepee

10.  SmartyKat Electronic Motion Cat Toys

$7.49 plus Free Shipping

This is a great hands-free toy.  With the push of a button the ball will spin sending the feather wand into unpredictable directions.  The motor is quiet so it won’t scare off your cat and will keep them entertained while you are busy.

electric wand cat toy ball

One comment

  1. I would LOVE to have that exercise wheel. I used to have some nice mid-century modern pottery. I no longer collect it. Maybe if I had something like this I could have nice things again. 🙂


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